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You have enough to worry about between running a business, driving sales, rebranding, etc. The last thing you need to worry about is creating a blog post or hiring an in-house employee to write content for you. That's both expensive and exhausting!

So if you are looking to give your blog or website a boost, but don't have time to craft the content yourself, allow me to take care of content creation for you. Let me craft a top-notch blog post without breaking your bank.

How will this work? It will go a little something like this:

  • You fill me in on the type of content you're looking for
  • You let me know the deadline and I start writing
  • You read the content I create
  • You love the content I create
  • You post the content I create
  • You see the results and views rolling in
  • You decide if you want to hire me for another post
  • Or you like my work so much you want to hire me to write dozens more

It's truly risk-free! So shall we get started?

Getting started

  • What topic would you like me to write about?
  • What's the word count range I should stick between?
  • Anything important you need to have included in your blog post?
  • Is there a writing style guide your company uses?